Preventive dentistry which includes regularly scheduled cleanings (6 month intervals for most people), oral hygiene education, and routine cavity detecting X-rays. Fluoride treatments and sealants (cavity prevention coating) on permanent teeth when indicated. Our state of the art digital X-ray technology minimizes radiation, and provides instant images so that more time can be invested in answering questions and discussing treatments, should the need arise.
Our office uses tooth colored filling materials for virtually all situations where fillings are required. The advantages of the material besides the obvious cosmetic value it gives, includes the ability to conserve natural tooth structure, as well as the ease of repair when needed.
Crowns or Caps:
Decay in teeth with large existing fillings, or badly fractured teeth often times cannot be restored with fillings. Crowns or caps become the only predictable long term solution. Our office can provide full ceramic crowns for best esthetics, and other options options, bearing in mind the therapeutic needs and patient's affordability.
Periodontal Infections:
Infection of the 'gums', and the support structures of the teeth is caused by the presence of bacteria and bacterial toxins in the soft tissue surrounding the teeth. The use of anti bacterials in combination with cleaning the affected areas will resolve most cases.
Root Canal Therapy:
When the hollow chamber inside a tooth which houses the 'living' part of the tooth (referred by many as the 'nerve'), is invaded by bacteria due to decay or fracture, it becomes necessary to clean out this chamber and seal it. A visible ABCESS occurs when the microbes get past the root of the tooth and into the surrounding areas of the jaw. Rotary instruments has really impacted the ease of delivery of root canal therapy. One visit root canal treatments are very possible. The reality of the horror stories about this treatment are rare, and if needed, root canal therapy is a viable option to save a tooth.
Fixed Bridges:
Whenever possible, a fixed bridge provides a fixed cemented replacement of missing teeth by using teeth adjacent to the missing teeth as abutments or support. These are not implants and no surgery is needed, and therefore, needs approximately 3 weeks to complete.
Removable Bridges:
Just as the name suggests, these are not fixed and uses existing teeth to support it in the mouth.
These are removable prosthesis to replace all teeth.
Missing teeth can be replaced by implant supported crowns and bridges. Our office works in conjunction with oral surgeons in the area to provide this very contemporary and predictable option for our patients.
A wide range of options are available to address the cosmetic needs of individuals. These include bonding materials to ceramic laminates or a combination of different modalities to achieve the goal.
Tooth Extractions:
Our office can perform the extractions of most erupted teeth for patients who can tolerate the procedure with local anesthesia. We also have choices of oral surgeons we will refer patients to when needed.
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