Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that is getting a lot of attention in the medical field due to its prevalence and its consequences if left untreated. We are able to screen patients in our office, but the ultimate diagnosis is made by a qualified physician after a detailed study. In simple terms, the condition occurs as a result of obstruction of the airway from the relaxation or collapse of the structures in the area during sleep. The patient struggles with breathing which may even halt for several seconds. As a result, the oxygen level can drop to undesirable levels, and the sleep cycle is disturbed, even though the patient is completely unaware of it. Amongst other conditions, the patient feels sleepy during the day and can lose their focus while performing daily tasks including driving a car. Positive Air Pressure therapy (PAP therapy) is the best way to keep these areas open, and patients who have been able to use them have benefitted greatly.
Whilst it is highly recommended to make every effort to utilize the PAP therapy devices, patients who have a mild to moderate condition can explore other options if they find that they cannot tolerate this mode of therapy. Oral appliances are becoming a popular option in these situations. The oral appliance is designed to move the lower jaw into a forward position which keeps the airway open during sleep for most cases. Loud snoring, which can be a sign of sleep apnea is also brought under control. Dr Virjee is a member of the Academy of the American Dental Sleep Medicine, and has received hours of training in the understanding of relevant aspects of obstructive sleep apnea, and the fabrication of oral sleep devices in controlling the condition.
Oral devices for sleep apnea are paid for my medical insurances including medicare. We have the ability to get the authorization and reimbursement for the therapy and are thus able to treat qualified patients who need it. Please call our office for a consultation.
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